My logo created by my talented husband Aubrey at Pixel Smith Studio is inspired by the beautiful peacock. So what is the symbolism of the peacock and why did I choose it for my logo? I remember growing up loving peacock feathers and being told they bring bad luck. To me peacock feathers are a symbol of renewal as their entire tail of feathers is renewed each year. In Buddhist tradition they are symbols of wisdom and enlightenment while in Native American tradition the peacock is a symbol of dignity, wholeness and beauty. The peacock is the national bird of India and in Hindu tradition represents benevolence, patience, kindness and compassion.

To me the peacock symbolises allowing your true colours to show. Be more peacock in your approach to life as you face challenges with courage and confidence. These are all good qualities to bring to yoga on and off the mat but don’t worry I won’t be teaching the peacock pose in a Dru Yoga class anytime soon!

PS – The yoga class has given our mascot a name, I am pleased to introduce Prana Peacock!